The Different Types of Stone Restoration

Stone restoration in Melbourne is essential because of the beauty and value of this naturally occurring material. It is also a very eco-friendly way of enhancing the beauty of the place where it was mined. Apart from being an important construction material, stone also has great utility outside homes and monuments. There are many other types of stones that are used for different purposes.

Marble is one of the most popular materials to be used for interior and exterior decorations. This is because of the ease in which it can be honed and polished. Marble can be used on floors, walls, stairs, porticos and balconies. The durability of marble makes it ideal for countertops and kitchen countertops. There are also many marble products that can be used for stone restoration.

Agglomerate is another type of marble stone product that can be used for stone restoration. It is composed of different minerals such as feldspars, marbles and quartz and can be ground to various textures. This material can be ground into tiles or slabs that can be used for interior and exterior decorations. Marble tiles are very popular in public spaces such as parks, entrance gates and conservatories. However, these products are quite expensive when compared to Agglomerate.

Slate is also popular. It is mainly because of the resistance towards water and heat. This stone surface can also be honed and polished to create different textures. Slate is often used in flooring and countertops because of its durability and good heat and moisture resistance. Slate is also used for countertops in kitchens because of its non-slip nature.

Sandstone is another popular stone for home decoration and stone restoration. This material is usually formed from sand and varies in texture and appearance depending on how the sandstone is processed. This natural stone surface can be honed and polished to produce different textures. Sandstone can be found in many colors ranging from grey to brown and tan. This stone surface is commonly used in bathrooms and kitchen countertops.

Marble has also been a popular material for home decoration and stone restoration. Marble is a hard wearing and resistant material that has been widely used for home construction and exterior decoration. Marble is made from calcite crystals that are found in nature. This material is resistant to heat and moisture and can be easily restored to its original color and look once it meets with an intruder. The marble used in floors and walls of a home has the quality to withstand wear and tear and should be cleaned regularly. The price of marble tiles is quite high when compared to other natural stone surfaces.

Agglomerate is another type of stone that can also be used for stone restoration and enhancement. It is made from iron and carbon and is a hard wearing and durable product. Agglomerate can be formed into all shapes and sizes. It can be used for walls, floors, porches and even furniture. This stone surface can be restored using an abrasive material like gravel and water.

Slate is also a good natural stone that can be restored. Slate is a porous rock that forms into tiles and features an attractive grain pattern. It is resistant to most kinds of stains and is easy to maintain. Some forms of slate are also highly available in the market and are quite affordable.

There are some stone materials that are perfect for flooring and wall claddings and they include marble, granite and limestone. They have beautiful shades of color and can be used to enhance the beauty of the surrounding area. They can also be used to beautify gardens, parks and buildings. Some of these stone surfaces can be restored by sanding and polishing them. However, you need to take special precautions to prevent the surface from being damaged further.

You can also opt for ceramic tiles that can be used to enhance the appearance of your indoor as well as outdoor space. These materials are heat and moisture resistant and do not require frequent cleaning. They come in a wide range of colors and texture. However, this type of stone surface is relatively soft. It can be restored by sanding and sealing them.

Other options that you have are limestone and travertine stone surfaces. Limestone restoration involves restoring the original texture of marble or travertine stone by removing the scratches, stains and other marks. Marble restoration works well to cover damaged areas while travertine restoration is used to cover the original color and texture of this stone.

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