Natural Stone Restoration

Stone Restoration Australia”, a company that produces, repairs and installs stone facades and monuments in all Australian states. “Stone Restoration Australia” is a Melbourne-based company, serving all areas of Australia (excluding the Australian Capital Region) both residential and commercially. In addition to facades and monuments we also service the entire of Australia, with projects completed in Perth, Adelaide and other parts of New South Wales, as well as Victoria. Stone Restoration Australia was set up by Andrew Trivisonno over 2021.

It should be noted that the quality of natural stone flooring is much more variable than the quality of other forms of flooring. Marble and granite for example are mass produced products, using the same production process. However, the degree of variation in the quality of these products is extremely high. This is why stone restoration is such an intricate art form, requiring years of skill and expertise on the part of the restorer.

Stone restoration is not just limited to marble or granite restoration, however. Other materials such as slate, limestone, travertine and flagstone are treated in the same way as granite and marble, applying the same sealing techniques that are used to protect them. Each material is unique and requires its own unique method of sealing. With this in mind, many stone restoration companies have developed their own line of stone restoration products, using various techniques and products. Some of these products include floor sealing, stone polishing and stone sealing/staining, all of which are suited to a variety of uses including bathroom and kitchen flooring, swimming pool coverings, pool floor tile flooring, stone floor finishing and stone facading.

The ultimate aim of stone restoration experts is to create a masterpiece, and they go to great lengths to achieve this goal. Stone restoration professionals work closely with their clients to determine the specific nature of the original surface and how best to restore it to its former glory. Often this means undertaking a thorough study of the original surrounding materials, including photography, illustrations and floor plans. The restorer will then begin the process of restoring the materials, often using techniques such as drilling, cutting, grinding and honing in order to remove surface irregularities and restore uniformity. Some stone restoration professionals may also use a variety of industrial sealants to apply a layer of protection to the marble or granite floor, to prevent staining and water damage.

When undertaking stone restoration in Melbourne, the restorer should also be aware of local building codes, which vary depending on the area in which the stone and marble are located. It is important for the professional to be familiar with the regulations of each area, as the rules and regulations vary from area to area. It is also advisable for the specialist to consult with a lawyer before undertaking any natural stone restoration project, in order to ensure that the work is carried out within the regulations, and to avoid any legal issues that may arise.

Marble and granite sealing is a key component of natural stone floor restoration. Sealing marble during restoration helps to preserve its visual appeal, and prevents it from fading. Granite and marble sealing can either be undertaken by a professional or can be carried out at home by using a range of sealant products available on the market. Marble sealants, which are applied directly to the marble surface, do not usually penetrate the underlying grout and should therefore be left to the professionals for deep cleaning.

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