A Complete Guide About Porcelain Tiles

If you are building a new home or wish to replace the old marble flooring, you may consider installing porcelain tiles. They can brighten up any given space. The biggest advantage of these tiles is that they are quite durable and can be maintained with ease. There is a wide range of porcelain tiles to choose from. You can choose a design based on your preference.

What is porcelain?

Porcelain is basically a fine grained ceramic ware. Several types of ceramic materials are available. Porcelain is derived from a specific kind of ceramic material called whiteware.

Uses of porcelain

In the past, porcelain was used in items like figurines, chinaware, vases and similar pieces. Porcelain was believed to be delicate and fragile and was hence usually used for making decorative pieces. However, the uses of porcelain are recorded to have increased in the past few years. Porcelain is commonly used for making dental veneers and dental prosthesis. Being non-porous, abrasion and heat resistant, porcelain is also used in several industries. These qualities also make porcelain a good choice for making floor tiles. There are several types of porcelain tiles available. While choosing them, it is advisable to pay attention to the following aspects:

Ceramic and non-porcelain tiles

While choosing tiles, people often get confused between the terms ceramic and non-porcelain tiles. Porcelain tiles are a type of ceramic ware. Ceramic tiles are hence popularly known as non-porcelain. These types of tiles possess certain distinct characteristics. Few of them include:

  • They are non-porous, hard and absorb very little water when compared with ceramic tiles which absorb a high amount of water and are softer.
  • Porcelain tiles are quite durable and can resist scratches, chipping and abrasions.
  • Porcelain tiles have ratings which are a reflection of their quality.

Choosing porcelain tiles

While choosing porcelain tiles for the ceiling or walls, it is recommended to choose tiles of ratings PEI Class 1. These tiles prove to be good for ceilings and walls as they are not subject to any type of weight. You can choose porcelain tiles devonport by Tilefix Tasmania for the ceiling and walls of your home.

While selecting tiles for the bathroom floor, tiles that have a PEI Class 2 rating may be considered. The tiles of this rating have minimal weight exposure and hence prove to be suitable for bathroom floors.

Porcelain tiles which have a rating of PEI Class 3 & 4 prove to be suitable for kitchen and table tops. They may also be used as floorings in various parts of the home.

Tiles of rating PEI Class 5 are highly recommended for commercial and residential areas which experience a high amount of foot traffic. A great advantage of porcelain tiles is that they can easily withstand extreme temperatures during winter and summers.

There are many available designs for porcelain tiles. They may vary in terms of colour, glazing and several other factors. For quality porcelain tiles you may contact Tilefix  Tasmania.

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