New Home Builds

The MDC experience in new home builds on the Mornington Peninsula is second to none. MDC is not arrogant but simply the best when it comes to homes. Whatever your look, needs and wants – MDC will produce a truly remarkable design that is innovative and simply “looks great”. Houses shouldn’t be dull and boring because you are not dull and boring are you!?! You will have the best looking house on the street when your construction is complete!

MDC administer everything.  From the very start to the very finish!  Your input is welcome throughout the build process because MDC understands that you are the king of the castle. MDC invites you to onsite inspections, walk through the floorplan in construction, swish paint on the walls to see how it could look, basically whatever your thoughts – we encourage your involvement. Changes and alterations do happen from time to time during a build and that’s exactly what MDC wants to help you find and fix.  -We are not happy until you are!

MDC encourage colour selection to the point where colour preparation (painting swashes on the site) gives an untold insight into what could be. Colour boards can be produced by MDC to articulate the look in much finer detail.

MDC fully administers the homes development for all services, permits and approvals. Organisation like this is what makes the MDC experience flawless and enjoyable for you.  We are always working towards that glowing testimonial, each and every time!

What about building technology in times of drought and global warming? MDC are technologically advanced. Sustainable housing can be achieved through clever, innovative and truly inspiring design and construction. Imagine an electricity plan where you collect solar energy on the roof and are able to sell it back to the grid. Imagine utilising water collected from the roof and property for all your water needs. Imagine not having to pay another utility bill! And if it’s a holiday house then, well, you could even make money off the collection of power and water. Instead of a utility bill you could receive a receipt for your utility consumables – practically unheard of… If you can dream it then we can build it!