Extensions & Renovations

Mansfield Design & Construction have carried out numerous Extension & Renovation projects across the Mornington Peninsula.


Extensions and additions can be very challenging for most builders given the complexity of what you want compared to what you already have. As much planning as you can do – you just never know what may be behind a wall of the original construction until work begins. Quoting the US Marines slogan “Improvise, Adapt, Overcome!” MDC just loves a challenge. There is always a way and MDC is proud of this CAN DO attitude that allows us to produce some truly remarkable extensions and additions that some builders would deem impossible. Try us, think outside the square, give us your challenge.

For extensions and additions it’s all about when finished the project looks like it belongs. Since this is our view MDC will double check with how the existing construction was built and integrating into that.

The Mansfield Design & Construction Approach:

  • Conduct a site visit in relation to the existing house construction.
  • Contingency for walls, make overs, poor weight load distribution, bellied roof problems
  • There are always unforeseen issues (within walls etc) where the client and MDC will not know about until work begins.



Similar to ‘Extensions’ an MDC renovation is an extremely cost effective way of achieving a new look without actually rebuilding. The MDC emphasis is on a better look and feel.

It’s best to think of your purpose when renovating; whether it be to sell, lease, rent it out, or live in yourself. Think of the types of people or businesses that could be using it in the future. Direction of this kind will help us help you and in turn will allow you to accomplish your purpose in renovating.