Demolitions & Rebuilds

Similar to a building project a house demolition and rebuild comes about after taking the decision to demolish and start again. The decision is weighed up with the options of extension, restoration and/or renovation and determined by whether an extension and/or renovation will actually produce the required results and whether starting again is more cost effective. In some cases it is just impossible to achieve the desired result with the existing structure and a rebuild is the more cost effective choice and also the logical choice just so the new needs are achieved.

When considering starting afresh it is important to make the decision thoroughly researched and budgeted so that you are absolutely sure about it, simply because of the fact that you already have a construction and at this point are no worse off. Some constructions are more obvious than others whereas enough damage to the home may render it more expensive to restore. Mansfield Design & Construction are experts in house demolitions and rebuilds across the Mornington Peninsula, so you can be confident we will help you weigh up all the options.