Building Technologies

Mansfield Design & Construction use the most up to date building technology available worldwide. MDC is extremely conscientious of up and coming technology in building and is fast becoming a driving force behind engineering technological advances to suit your needs.

It’s an extremely exciting time to be alive! The latest developments are pushing us closer to the promise of sustainable living. The challenges of global warming, drought, unpredictable weather (storm cells and larger than expected storm phenomena), and the increasing needs of humanity for cheaper, better and faster forms of utilities. MDC is thrilled to be offering new technological features that help overcome these challenges.

  • Full Solar Programs
  • Water Recycling Systems
    • for Gardens
    • for Toilets
  • Grey-water Systems
  • Purification Systems
  • Septic Water for Irrigation
  • Roof & Underground Water Catchments
  • Recycling Waste & Organised Waste Systems
  • Methane Collection
    • for an Alternative Cooking Fuel
    • for an Alternative Water Heating Fuel

Just imagine the possibilities of fully sustainable living; no bills, the selling of electricity back to the grid, the selling of water and methane. Imagine filling your own swimming pool with your own purified water! No more power failures, gas failures, and water restrictions! -Wouldn’t life just be a breeze! -Think outside the square!

Technology for Efficiency and Effectiveness

  • Smart Wiring (Phone and Mobile Connection to Smart Systems, Remote Control your Home)
  • High Speed Data and Computer Cabling
  • Television Co-ax Cabling for the Digital (High Signal Strength) & Digital Cable Networks (Pay TV) – Foxtel, Optus, and Others
  • Communications Wiring
  • CBUS Home Control Systems
  • Full Climate Control
  • Roller Shutter Control
  • Electronic Blinds & Curtains
  • Automated Systems Controlled by Timing and Condition States
  • Lighting for Look, Feel, and Security
  • Surveillance Systems (Closed Circuit)
  • Direct Satellite Communications
  • Sound & Noise Proofing
  • Comprehensive Insulation